About Us

Scineer Publishing is a publisher of open access journals. Covering various disciplines and promoting interdisciplinary development, Scineer Publishing adheres to a principle of respecting academics, and publishes insightful and rigorous academic research contents.

By partnering with global learners, professionals, scientific researchers and academic communities, Scineer Publishing strives for being a more accessible and informative publishing platform. Firmly standing by publication ethics and originality, we offer high quality, peer reviewed journals, dedicating to providing best academic service for both readers and authors.

We believe in the power of research and knowledge, and always encourage innovative thoughts that can make a difference to related fields and society. Scineer Publishing aims at delivering world-class academic journals to make valuable contribution to the world publishing industry.


  • Environmental Experience Design

    Environmental Experience Design accumulates and disseminates original research knowledge that derives from exploring “human experiences” in the built environment in developed and developing nations. It embraces the environmental experience design research that aligns with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Journal of Ascobasidiomycetes

    Journal of Ascobasidiomycetes is intended to provide a platform for research communities from different disciplines to disseminate, exchange and communicate all aspects of basic and applied research involving two important division of fungi, ascomycetes and basidiomycetes. Areas of investigation include taxonomy, diversity, physiology, biology, ecology, biodegradation, biotechnology, medical mycology, environmental sustainability, and public health issues.